Pool Floats

Pool Floats


Maroon Suede all Over

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Maroon Suede all Over
Just a little bit of inspiration for those cold spring days.
~EW the Princess

Sayonara 2015 and Aloha 2016

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New Year's Eve 2016
 I hope that everyone is having a fabulous holiday season and is enjoying their holiday break because, boy oh boy, 2016 is right around the corner (Quite literally. 2016 starts tomorrow)! I don’t know about you all, but I am glad that this year is going to be o-v-e-r. There have been so many ups and downs this year, but hey, THE YEAR IS FINALLY OVER!!
It’s time to celebrate!
To start things off however, it’s time to reflect on the events that took place in 2015. There’s nothing better to ring in the new year than a highlight of some major events that occurred “last” year.
  1. My blog EWtheprincessishere released its first post on a glorious day in the month of June this year.
  2. And that’s the end to my list of milestones and achievements…

Anyway…HOORAH! Thank you to the followers/ random-people-who-just-so-happen-to-stumble-across-my-blog/ robots-who-are-programed-to-randomly-like-posts! Thank you for making my first year on the Internet a memorable one.

What’s my new year’s resolution, you ask? :

To blog more frequently, of course. Maybe this will be a realistic resolution, maybe it isn’t, but only time will tell.

We’ve survived this year, let’s do it again. CHEERS, to happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

~EW the Princess

Pink is Always in Style

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Pink is always in style
It’s true, I wear pink on Wednesdays. No, actually, that’s not true. I wear pink everyday. There’s something about this vibrant color that adds attitude and glam to every outfit.
You can simply throw a sophisticated wool pink coat (like the MSGM fuchsia wool straight blazer used in the set above) over a plain white tee and some distressed boyfriend jeans, and voilá, you’ve turned a “I didn’t try” look into a “I didn’t try but you can’t tell that I didn’t try because I’m wearing this fabulous coat!” outfit.
And can we just talk about that gorgeous colored Michael Kors Selma bag? I mean how cute and chic does it look? The bag matches perfectly with the coat and the only thing only items missing from this look would have to be a pair of clean and simple pink pumps and pink sunglasses.
But if you do make this addition, be careful. This look can easily go from “legally” chic (reference to Legally blonde, one of my favorite movies) to Barbie wannabe.
At the same time however, if the Barbie look is what you’re going for, then by all means go right ahead. As long as you stay true to yourself, that’s all the matters.
Remember to add a pop of pink to your outfit today!
~EW the Princess
-p.s. Oh and who loves the pink olykoek (a.k.a, the donut/doughnut)? I just thought it was a necessary addition.

Fall Mani

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Fall Mani
Here’s your daily dose of Fall inspiration for the day. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where you are able to experience the leaves changing colors, just take a moment and let nature inspire you. Look towards nature for style inspiration, for room decor inspiration, and even for a reason to get a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks (p.s. I’ve never had a PSL before so I’m not quite sure what I’m missing out on).
Try and let Mother Nature rule your world,

EW the Princess

Rebecca Minkoff inspired outfit

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Rebecca Minkoff inspired outfit into the city
Rebecca Minkoff has always been a favorite brand/ designer of mine. From her subtle hints of edge to her iconic fringed cross-body, her clothes and accessories can accommodate anyone.
Today, I’ve created this everyday city look incorporating Rebecca Minkoff in every way possible. The army green jacket screams power while the fringe bag gives the outfit a calmer, bohemian vibe; the two put together create the perfect harmony. While I have to admit, the outfit without the jacket would look very “celebrity hiding incognito-y,” the jacket adds a significant increase in effortless chic. Plus, you can always take the jacket off when it gets warmer throughout the day. Nothing is worse than feeling cold when you were debating whether or not to bring a jacket in the morning.
Always remember: You can add layers, but you can’t take everything off.
~EW the Princess


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With the cool, fall air just around the corner, there is no other closet staple that can compete with a fitting pair of jeans. Whether they are long or short, dyed or bleached, blue or pink, jeans are essential to staying warm and looking fashionable during the long months ahead.

My number one tip for jeans is to buy jeans that fit. Although I am no expert in the field of jeans, they shouldn’t be too long, they should sit comfortably around your waist (or higher or lower depending on the cut that you want), and most importantly, one should feel free and powerful wearing the jeans. There isn’t anything more uncomfortable than a pair of stiff jeans (if you do happen to buy a pair of jeans on the stiffer side, you can try to “unstiffenize” them by working them in when you get home. You can try stretching and other motions of the sort [this process is analogous to the process of working in a new pair of shoes with a pair of thick socks].). The jeans that don’t constrict movement and create the illusion of lean, long legs will probably be one’s best friend for life.

Embrace the power from within the jeans,

~EW the Princess

Songs of the Moment: August 2015

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  1. Black Magic– Little Mix
    1. It’s super catchy.
    2. It’s the ultimate transformation song.
    3. Who doesn’t love Little Mix? I know I do!!
  2. Blank Space– Taylor Swift-
    1. I love how crazy she sounds (especially in the second verse)
    1. Her mansion look incredible
    2. The outfits are trés chic
    3. Sean O’Pry…enough said.
  3. Fight Song- Rachel Platten
    1. Everyone needs a fight song for when you need to feel motivated.
    2. Extremely motivational
  4. Cruisin for a Brusin‘- Teen Beach Movie
    1. Ross Lynch and Johnny DeLuca… ahhh!
    2. If disney ever did a movie inspired by Grease, this would be one of their songs.

What are your songs of the moment?

~EW the Princess